Triumph Tiger 90 – A Sporty Classic

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Although only made for a handful of years, the Tiger 90 continues to be a popular machine. Built to be a more youthful version of the Triumph 3TA, the Tiger 90 had a sportier design. High compression pistons and slimmer fairings and mudguards were made to appeal to younger Triumph fans, as well as give more power to the sporty Triumph overall. 

Built from 1963 to 1968 parts for this classic Triumph are still readily available and while the model went through a few cosmetic and electrical changes it remained a nippy number.

Ultimately it was road tax that brought about the Triumph Tiger’s downfall, being included in the higher bracket with the 500cc models. As smaller, and cheaper, 250cc machines improved in performance, they in turn became more popular. Nevertheless the Triumph Tiger 90 is still a firm favourite with classic bike owners and with Triumph spares still very much on the market, they are an accessible and enjoyable ride. 

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