Ariel Clubs & Links

We are looking for more links to help our beloved customers, so if you or your club have a site that other owners may be interested in please contact the webmaster.

The BSA Ariel 3 register

We don’t do parts for the confusing BSA Ariel 3, please visit the Ariel 3 Register!

Ariel Owners Motor Cycle Club Yahoo Group

Ariel Owner's Club Forum

This group is for the discussion and appreciation of Ariel Motorcycles.

Membership of the Ariel Owners Motor Cycle Club is a prerequisite of group membership.

Ariel Owners Motor Cycle Club

Ariel Owners Club Logo

Dedicated to Ariel motorcycles and their owners, this web site is intended to provide information and publicity for the AOMCC a very friendly club, which aims to keep these famous motorcycles alive and kicking!

Ariel HT5 Trials Motorcycles

HT Motorbike

Published by Canadian Bob Johns, has several pages dedicated to HT5 trials machines, good photographs and commentary. This has many pictures and a load of detail!

Danish Ariel Owners Club

Ariel Owners Club Denmark Logo

The Danish Ariel club was founded in its present form in 1981, and is open to owners, riders and others interested in Ariel motorcycles of all types: 1- 2- or 4-cylinder models, 2- or 4-strokes. The only bit in English is to tell you that the site is in Danish! Typical Danish humour. This link will take you straight to the tank painting templates that we gave to the Danish club many years ago

Australian Ariel Owners Club

Ariel Owners Club Australia Logo

The Australian Ariel Register was formed in 1991, initially by a group of Australian members of the international Ariel Owners Motor Cycle Club. It now has over 200 members in all states of Australia and New Zealand and also welcomes members from other countries interested in the Australian Ariel scene. Membership is open to all owners or enthusiasts of Ariel motorcycles…

Italian Ariel Owners Club

Ariel Owners Club Italy Logo

All’origine della Ariel, una delle più antiche Case Inglesi, troviamo un brevetto, la ruota con i raggi in tensione, che fu determinante per l’evoluzione della moto, dai successi della “Square Four” alla crisi degli anni Sessanta.

Nella realizzazione di un motore motociclistico a quattro cilindri i progettisti hanno dovuto sempre incontrare notevoli difficoltà.

Italian only.

North American Ariel Owners Club

Ariel Owner's Club North America Logo

The first organized group of Ariel owners in the USA was formed in the mid-Summer of 1967. The two leaders of this pioneering effort were Austin Munger (Sierra Madre) & Ted Faber (Huntington Beach). They contacted the only Ariel club at the time (Ariel Owners MC Club) in England and found that they needed at least 7 members to form an official Branch…