We stock and supply high quality reproduction control cables, manufactured to the exact specifications of original cables.

If, however, your bike is not standard, you have custom handlebars or a different carb, or you’re shopping for your vintage lawnmower (no joke) we also stock a variety of universal and general cables. The universal cables come with loose ends so they can be trimmed to length and the end soldered on. 

Don’t forget your cable oiler!

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Emergency Cable Repair Kit

Part No: CAB-12
£8.64 excluding vat
– Emergency repair kit for temporary fix when a cable snaps! Includes two different coils of cable and a selection

Throttle 274,275,375 36-3/8 x 39-7/8 – with no adjuster

Part No: CAB-14
£8.23 excluding vat
– For 274/275/375 monobloc carburettors, Number 16 twistgrips (drum nipple) Inner length 39-7/8 Outer length 36-3/8 Adjuster Type: In carburettor

Air cable, 389 & 900

Part No: CAB-24
£5.44 excluding vat
– For 389 Amal Monobloc carburettors, and 9 Series carburettors. Adjuster Type: In carburettor Length: 33”

Universal throttle cable, mid adj 900 concentric 36″ In 40″ Ou

Part No: CAB-25
£8.23 excluding vat
For 9 Series carburettors 938/930/932, with No. 16 type twistgrip. Length: 36” outer 40″ inner Adjuster Type: Mid-adjuster

Universal throttle cable 36″ x 40″

Part No: CAB-26
£13.40 excluding vat
– Suitable for type 16 twist grip assemblies

Throttle cable 900 series 34-7/8 x 39-1/4

Part No: CAB-30
£11.69 excluding vat
– For 9 Series carburettors 928/930/932, with No. 16 twistgrips. Length: 35” Adjuster Type: In carburettor

Really good cable oiler

Part No: TOOL-10
£7.20 excluding vat
– This cable oiler is the best. Keeping your cables oiled not only will make them easier to use but