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There are 2 qualities of clutch plates available; needless to say we will only stock the inferior version if the better ones are unavailable. All parts fit all years and models for a particular type of clutch unless stated otherwise.
A Brief Guide to BSA Clutches.
Most if not all pre-war machines used a ‘single spring clutch’; the last variant of this was used on the M group until 1947. This was replaced by the ‘6 spring clutch’ (identified by its’ sheet metal centre) for all models except the ‘Plunger A’ group, which had its own design. The ‘6 spring clutch’ is often replaced by the ‘Triumph type’ as used on the A group from 1960 onwards. Alternator equipped models used a ‘Triumph cush drive clutch’ and the later C group models were fitted with a ‘3 spring cush drive’ clutch.

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