Timing Gear

For A7/10 cam follower fittings click here; for timing case, push rod covers and fittings click here; for contact breaker assemblies click here; other case screws click here.

Where camshafts and followers are marked as exchange, THIS MEANS THAT WE WANT YOUR OLD ONE FIRST. Although the profiles used when re-grinding camshafts are close to the originals, they are not exactly the same. If the follower or lobes of the cam are badly worn there will be an extra charge to cover the cost of building them up, price per lobe is part number 1750-91. Additionally if the camshaft is worn where it runs in a bush or bearing there will be an extra charge for reclaiming it by industrial hard chrome plating it back to size, price is given by part number RES-14.

Parts for other models –

Part No






Camshaft pinion key 2 G14 1938-40


Magneto Pinion Nut 1 Y13 1937-39
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