Frames & Stands

For lifting handles click here; snail cam chain adjusters click here; for rigid frame chain adjusters click here; for swinging arm frames click here.

Rigid frames, also known as standard frames, were available 1947-51 on the A Group; 1937-55 B and M Group; 1939-54 C Group. Plunger frames were used 1949-57 for the A Group; 1949-55 for the B Group; 1951-63 for the M Group; 1951-57 for the C Group.

Swinging arm frames were fitted to A and B group models from 1954 although plunger frames were still produced until 1957. The M group never did get the new frame and the C group had to wait until 1956 and then only for the ohv models.

A selection of used frames and swinging arms always in stock, please enquire.

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