As a Bantam owner you will be aware of the joys of electrics. Now at Draganfly we too are aware, to be totally honest with you, my brain has melted whilst thinking about it. Let alone trying to tackle it. So what I recommend is that you contact us for any specific requirements.  The main reason for this is that the parts book list the headlamp with harness, dipper switch and cabling. Many people only require one part of the assembly.

Sorry about this, it does go against everything that I believe in but when you start to head into the minefield of Lucas, passed the crater of Wipac you too will start to feel the joys of Bantam electrics. In the future I shall be undertaking this task…..

Update: We now have a list of Bantam light bulbs! Please see here.

Speedo cable, D1, D3 and D5 90-9021

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