For some years we have been reducing the amount of repair work that we have taken on in order to concentrate even more on manufacturing those elusive parts and to improve the somewhat erratic supply of parts, particularly sheet metal items. Our workshop staff is usually three chaps, and the occasional waif and stray (including workshop cat Hector!)

Our Chris concentrates on making the seemingly never ending requests for oil and petrol pipes of all descriptions Also making Craven racks on his favourite toy, the mandrel tube bender, fitting out the Craven luggage boxes, carrying out remedial work on the many parts supplied to us by various wholesalers that do not come up to our exacting standards, making up chains and loads of other bits and pieces.

Mick spends most of his time making tooling to use on our recently installed 100 tonne press and for the ancient No. 6 flypress so that our occasional Bob a Job man can bash out all those little brackets, clamps, battery straps, platforms, toolboxes, mudguards and hopefully one day headlamp cowls for the 1953 to 1957 BSA telescopic forks.
**We no longer take on any rebuilding work or unit overhauls. Our workshop just doesn’t have the time or space. It’s a continuum. Or a conundrum.

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Petrol Pipe

SKU: 68-8154
Part No: 68-8154
£18.45 excluding vat
Put together in house with ethanol resistant flexible black pipe