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Rocker, exhaust LH – used

SKU: 10223-54U
Part No: 10223-54U
£22.77 excluding vat

Rocker, exhaust RH, used

SKU: 10224-54U
Part No: 10224-54U
£5.79 excluding vat

Inner timing cover, used

SKU: 10303-54U
Part No: 10303-54U
£18.84 excluding vat

Dynamo driving sprocket, used

SKU: 10344-54U
Part No: 10344-54U
£13.69 excluding vat
These are secondhand but have all been checked for usability

Pinion, crankshaft, good used

SKU: 10425-54U
Part No: 10425-54U
£11.39 excluding vat

Bob weight, used

SKU: 1062-37BU
Part No: 1062-37BU
£8.54 excluding vat

Rear crankshaft Standard main, 0.23 big ends, threads look ok

SKU: 1063-37/10

Low stock - may be backordered

Part No: 1063-37/10
£75.00 excluding vat

Con rod VH, used

SKU: 1110-35U
Part No: 1110-35U
£68.32 excluding vat

Mainshaft, gearside – used

SKU: 1150-32U
Part No: 1150-32U
£17.08 excluding vat

Coupling gear – used but still very good

SKU: 1160-37U
Part No: 1160-37U
£25.87 excluding vat
We have plenty of these but no matched pairs unfortunately.

Contact breaker casing, used

SKU: 12225-54U
Part No: 12225-54U
£15.09 excluding vat

Shock absorber spring cup, used

SKU: 1269-29U
Part No: 1269-29U
£5.70 excluding vat

Ariel singles crankcase drive side half

SKU: 1400-AMA2779
Part No: 1400-AMA2779
£11.39 excluding vat

Singles Crankcases 1935 250cc – HA579, with flywheel…

Part No: 1400-XXXXXXX
£95.00 excluding vat
This is a bottom end from a 1935 250cc, the big end feels good. It comes with cam, gear case,

Singles Crankcases – 1937 250CC with 350cc crank – AC121

Part No: 1400-XXXXXXXX
£70.00 excluding vat
A 1937 250cc crank case with a 350cc crankshaft fitted. The inner timing case has damage but overall in good

Singles Crankcases – KA1399, cracked!

Part No: 1400-XXXXXXXXXX
£50.00 excluding vat
An early crankcase, 1932-35. These are cracked and in need of repair.

MKI Ariel Square Four Crankcases

SKU: 1403-TM1245
Part No: 1403-TM1245
£170.79 excluding vat

Timing pinion 1929-1933, used

SKU: 1770-29U
Part No: 1770-29U
£31.05 excluding vat

Pushrod tube, NH, Used

SKU: 1905-38U
Part No: 1905-38U
£17.08 excluding vat

Timing case, 2 breathers, used

SKU: 2000-38U
Part No: 2000-38U
£46.58 excluding vat

Timing cover, used, “LG 250”

SKU: 2015-35LG
Part No: 2015-35LG
£66.95 excluding vat

Timing cover, cracked but repairable

SKU: 2015-35RH350
Part No: 2015-35RH350
£28.47 excluding vat

Timing cover – VHA (used)

SKU: 2015-35VHA
Part No: 2015-35VHA
£51.50 excluding vat

Engine plate, left hand VCH, used

SKU: 2306-52U
Part No: 2306-52U
£23.92 excluding vat

Rear engine plate, left hand, used

SKU: 2308-37U
Part No: 2308-37U
£12.52 excluding vat

Cylinder barrel NH +.040

SKU: 26-33/40
Part No: 26-33/40
£42.51 excluding vat

Sliding gear, CP, 18/23 (used)

SKU: 3076-34U
Part No: 3076-34U
£25.87 excluding vat

Kickstart case, used

SKU: 3610-56U
Part No: 3610-56U
£36.24 excluding vat

Outer cover, used, very good

SKU: 3620-52U
Part No: 3620-52U
£22.21 excluding vat

Brake plate

SKU: 4360-32U
Part No: 4360-32U
£25.00 excluding vat

Primary chaincase, inner, FH, poor

SKU: 5612-56UB
Part No: 5612-56UB
£22.77 excluding vat

Clutch sprocket and basket 40t, used, not cush drive type

Part No: 7XA/M4U
£22.77 excluding vat

Rocker box, top & bottom 350cc

SKU: 850A/B-34U
Part No: 850A/B-34U
£52.45 excluding vat

Rocker arm, exhaust used

SKU: 921-38U
Part No: 921-38U
£22.50 excluding vat
Some almost as new some with varying degrees of wear on decompressor tab but still usable.

Ariel Square Four MK2 right hand exhaust downpipes – Used


In stock

£85.00 excluding vat
A pair of right hand side (sitting on the bike) exhaust downpipes for the Ariel Square Four MK2. These have

Oil tank 1929-30, used

SKU: E8/709U
Part No: E8/709U
£257.50 excluding vat

Fork leg, right hand, used

SKU: H48-46U
Part No: H48-46U
£20.00 excluding vat

Fork leg left hand, used

SKU: H49-46U
Part No: H49-46U
£34.15 excluding vat

Rocker cover Used

SKU: K236-53U
Part No: K236-53U
£4.55 excluding vat

Front hub, alloy, bare, used

SKU: T1501/U
Part No: T1501/U
£36.24 excluding vat

Side panel, left hand, used PRICE ON PART from £30

SKU: T2519U
Part No: T2519U
£30.90 excluding vat
These are secondhand and in varying conditions. Prices range from £30 – £70, please enquire

Leader horn, working, used

SKU: T3039U
Part No: T3039U
£51.24 excluding vat

Cylinder barrel left +030

SKU: T40/030U
Part No: T40/030U
£25.87 excluding vat

Driving plate, used

SKU: T504/U
Part No: T504/U
£3.11 excluding vat