Our A65 Turns 50!

Our A65 turned 50 in March 2021. After being despatched to Canada in 1971 it found it’s way into Draganfly’s hands and has become our Iain’s dry-daily ride. It also came in handy for testing the new BSA and Triumph parts our workshop have developed recently.

Our workshop makes a huge number of parts for our shelves, ad we used the A65 as a test machine for these new items. The 68-0244 primary chain tensioner had several incarnations before it made it onto the Orange Peril, as the rubber pad kept perishing under workshop tests. We finally found a durable enough sample to withstand normal use and the A65 proved it over 500 miles.

Our workshop also made 37-3986 and 37-3987 front and rear brake arms, but made them longer than standard to give better leverage on the brake shoes, and to improve braking in general. Made to last in stainless steel and tested by us (or Iain more specifically). 

These proved so popular we sold out twice in a number of days!

Part no.s 37-3986 / 37-3987 fits 1971-72 A65 BSA and 1971-72 T150, 1973 T150V S1 Triumphs

68-0244 / 70-8310 fits 1965-71 A65s

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