Spares/Parts For BSA A75

Accessories Engine Plates & tie bolts Petrol tank and fittings
Air filter Exhaust system Pistons and rings
Alternator Footrests Primary chaincase inner / outer
Barrel etc Forks Racks & panniers
Battery 1969-70 / 1971-72 Frame fittings Rocker box and fittings
Battery carrier Front wheel Rear Wheel
Big end assembly Gasket sets Saddles
Bolts / Nuts Gearbox Service sheets 
Brake pedal Handlebars and controls 1969-70 / 1971-72 Shock absorbers
Brakes front / rear Horns Side panels
Cables 1969-70 / 1971-72 HT coils etc Silencers
Camshafts / followers Lighting equipment Speedometers & cables
Carburettor Liners Stands
Catalogues Literature Swinging arm
Centre stand Main bearings (crank) Switches
Chains / Chainguards Manuals Tank, oil 
Clutch Mudguard, front Tank, petrol 
Crankcase and fittings Mudguard, rear  Timing case fittings
Crankshaft assembly Nuts / Bolts Timing gear
Cylinder barrel Oil feed pipes, engine Tools / Toolboxes
Cylinder head and fittings Oil feed pipes, rocker box Tyres
Cylinder liners Oil pump Valve springs
Dual seats Oil tank and oil Valves and guides
Electrical- Ignition Owners guides Washers
Electrical- Lighting Paint equivalents Wiring looms
Electrical- Switches Parts books Workshop manuals

This classic motorbike from BSA was their only triple 750. Sharing many similarities (and parts) with Triumph’s X75, the A75 Lightning was only made for one year (1972) and came in metallic deep red – our Roger rode one across a lot of western Europe. With an engine like no other vintage BSA, it was one of the last of BSA’s original models to leave the factory.

Luggage from our sister company Craven

Carburetters and throttle linkage


Crankcase and Timing gears

Cylinder and Crankshaft

Cylinder head

Electrical equipment



Front Wheel


Gearbox cover, gearchange and kickstart crank

Handrail, mudguards and chainguard

Inner primary cover, oil pump and gears


Oil tank and oil cooler

Petrol tank, handlebar and controls

Primary case outer cover, chain tensioner and clutch control

Rear wheel

Swinging arm, centre stand and prop stand

Toolbox, battery carrier and air cleaner


Twinseat, side covers and silencers