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Draganfly are primarily known as Ariel specialists, but we also have a passion for the popular British classic bike BSA.  Back in 1996 a decision was taken to expand into BSA spares and parts and to this end Michael Freeman’s stock of BSA parts was purchased at auction. Indirectly, and more importantly, we also acquired the stock and records of Lewis’s of Weybridge, a very old and established BSA dealer. This provided a good base to build from; initially it was decided to concentrate on the pre-unit models as these were less well catered for than the unit models. After about 18 months the sales of BSA pre-unit parts was so encouraging that it was decided to cater for all BSA models, so a further expansion and investment was required. Read more here

BSA Spares & Parts – We mainly supply and make parts for post-war pre-unit and unit BSAs, but we also have some pre-war items. We manufacture difficult to find but essential parts in house, and our shelves carry new and new old stock BSA spares, as well as good second-hand spares. Founded in 1976 classic bikes are our life, and our staff are experienced in all things vintage BSA! From the lightweight Bantams and across popular pre-unit singles and twins up to the triple A75 and scrambles C15 and B44

How do I order? Search using original BSA part numbers to check prices and order securely online. You can also access lots of useful information and exploded diagrams to help find the right BSA spare parts and get your restoration underway. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Drop us a line or give us a call, we’ll be happy to help.

Shipping starts at just £2.95, worldwide shipping at £3.45, and by ordering through our website you might get a discount on delivery*! And we know that restorations never run on time, that’s why our returns period is a whopping SIX MONTHS long. No one else offers that much time to get out to your shed!
*more details here

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