1953-69 Cub Models

If you’re looking for Triumph Terrier parts or Tiger Cub parts, you’re in the right place! The two sections below cover the smaller 150cc and 200cc Triumph motorcycles, from 1953 up to 1969, just select the year of your bike and away you go.

You can use original Triumph numbers (we use the numeric versions, see here for conversion table ) to find what you need, get up to date prices and stock availability. Engine parts, gearbox spares, worn out rubber covers, cables and bearings can all be found in these pages with exploded diagrams to help identify components. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call or email, and we can help get your classic Triumph Terrier or vintage Triumph Tiger Cub back on two wheels!

Luggage fitting kit for 1957-66 T20 (from our sister company Craven)

Spare & Parts For Triumph 1953-59 150-200cc Terrier & Tiger Cub Models

Spare & Parts For Triumph 1960-69 200cc Terrier & Tiger Cub Models