Spares/Parts For Triumph 1970-74 Unit Twin Models

The later Triumph Unit Twins had some fantastic names. The Trophy and Trophy Trail, T100 Tiger and Daytona all evoked an image of easy riding and adventure, no wonder they became popular classic bikes! This is our online shop for the 1970 – 1974 Unit Twin Triumph spares, either 350cc or the larger 500cc.

Browse our catalogue pages online, use exploded diagrams to help identify what you need or simplify your search using original Triumph part numbers (we use the numeric versions.)

Air filter Engine Plates & tie bolts Pistons and rings
Barrel etc Exhaust system Primary chaincase
Battery & battery carrier Footrests Rocker box and fittings
Big end assembly Forks Saddles / TR5T Saddles
Brake pedal Frame fittings Shock absorbers 
Brake rod / TR5T Brake Rod Gearbox Side panels / TR5T Side panels
Brakes Gasket sets Silencers
Cables, not speedometer Handlebars and controls Speedometers & cables
Camshafts Horns Stands
Carburettor HT coils etc Swinging arm 
Catalogues Lighting equipment Switches
Centre stand Literature Tank, oil / TR5T Oil in frame
Chainguards Main bearings (crank) Tank, petrol 
Clutch Manuals Timing case fittings
Crankcase and fittings Mudguards Timing gear 
Crankshaft assembly Oil feed pipes, engine Tools and toolboxes
Cylinder barrel Oil feed pipes, rocker box / TR5T Pipes Tyres
Cylinder head and fittings Oil pump  Valve springs
Dual seats / TR5T Dual seats Oil tank / TR5T Oil in frame Valves and guides
Electrical- Ignition Owners guides Wheels
Electrical- Lighting Paint equivalents Wiring looms
Electrical-Wiring Parts books Workshop manuals
Electrical- Switches  

Air filter, battery & toolkit




Control Cables



Cylinder Head


Engine Fittings




Gearbox Inner

Gearbox Outer

Handlebars & Levers

Inlet Manifold


Oil Pump

Oil Tank (not TR5T)

Panels & Twinseat (not TR5T)

Petrol Tank

Swinging Arm

Timing Cover & Contact Breaker