Workshop engineering staffDraganfly started as a workshop back in 1976, offering repairs and refurbs to motorbikes of all shapes and sizes. Now our workshop occupies the ground floor of our three-storey home focussing on vintage British machines. As well as manufacturing many of our parts, we offer many workshop services, from bores to welding, below are some common requests along with guide prices as each repair is different.

Contact us for a consultation and an estimate if unsure

Fancy watching our machines in action (or just can’t get to sleep)? See some of our parts being made on our YouTube channel

Cleaning of parts can remove old paint, surface rust or ingrained grime, to make a surface ready for refinishing or painting. We can clean parts using our ultrasonic cleaners or in our blasting cabinet. Simply pop in to see us or post us your parts – don’t forget to include instructions and a phone number!

Small items ultrasonically cleaned from £15 and blasting is by the hour at £45.

We can perform basic work from welding on broken fins, to fitting valves right up to a full rebuild of a cylinder head.

Common repairs with guide prices –
Fit valve guide & cut seat
Blast cylinder head £45
Fit valve, guides springs, £22.50 per valve
Weld on broken fin £25

From ultrasonic cleaning to a full carburettor overhaul we can help. When we do a full overhaul we will replace all parts which wear and clean and zinc any original parts (unless you want to keep the original patina and tell us otherwise).

Guide prices –
Overhaul SU Carb
Overhaul pre monobloc and monobloc carb
Sleeve carburettor (this is where the throttle slide is worn and letting air pass)
We can also check and replace components as required.

Get your classic motorbike running smoothly again – from painting to fin repair to rebores we do it all. Guide prices below –

Rebore & hone per cylinder (excluding pistons)
Hone only, per cylinder
Fin repair from £25
Blasting & painting from £50
Fit liner, per liner

We can check your crank, crank case, bearings and bushes. From oil pump to sludge trap we can do it all. Below are examples of services we offer to get your engine firing again.
Full overhauls require a consultation and assessment of the work required first. Please contact us to discuss

Guide prices for common jobs –

Line bore bush
Hard chrome shaft
Regrind main or big end journal
Check and hone con-rod
Regrind camshaft
Fit and ream bush

Electrics can be tricky and rewiring confusing! We can check and replace most electrics, including full looms, and we have test machines available to diagnose most issues. Guide prices below, contact us for an estimate for rewiring, testing is free!

Overhaul magneto K2F/MO1
Overhaul magneto NOT K2F/MO1
Overhaul Dynamo C35SD
Overhaul Dynamo E3 type

To install electronic ignition on your bike is priced on request, however we would expect it to be around 2-3 hours labour as an estimate

We have a full fibreglass workshop, so be it racing car bonnets, battery boxes or repair work on your Routemaster bus, we can help. We have this for our sister company Craven Equipment where we manufacture high end classic luggage for motorcycles. Contact us to discuss your requirements.