This is a list of all of the general tools, you won’t find any bike specific tools here. If you look under the model of your bike then you will find the tools specific to your bike.

Still, no one can have too many spanners.

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Bungee 30″

Part No: AC-42
£0.95 excluding vat

Bungee 36″

Part No: AC-43
£0.98 excluding vat

Emergency Cable Repair Kit

Part No: CAB-12
£6.45 excluding vat
– Emergency repair kit for temporary fix when a cable snaps! Includes two different coils of cable and a selection

Really good cable oiler

Part No: TOOL-10
£6.78 excluding vat
– This cable oiler is the best. Keeping your cables oiled not only will make them easier to use but

Mini gasket scraper – Excellent to get into tight spaces

Part No: TOOL-14
£1.00 excluding vat
– Fully endorsed by Chris Channell our chief engineer, “excellent for all tasks, a must have”.

Spoke key

Part No: TOOL-16
£4.97 excluding vat

Chain breaker

Part No: TOOL-17
£15.99 excluding vat
– Chain Breaker (Renold G Clamp type). Suitable for use with 420,428,520,530 Standard chains. Please note : Pin breakage may

Ring clamp 60-65mm

Part No: TOOL-18
£7.99 excluding vat

Ring clamp 65-70mm

Part No: TOOL-19
£10.89 excluding vat

Ring clamp 70-75mm

Part No: TOOL-20
£12.21 excluding vat

Ring clamp 75-80mm

Part No: TOOL-21
£10.49 excluding vat

Ring clamp 80-85mm

Part No: TOOL-22
£10.49 excluding vat

Timing disc

Part No: TOOL-23
£5.99 excluding vat

Circlip pliers internal & external

Part No: TOOL-25
£6.02 excluding vat
This item is to order only. So please order it and we will get it in for you.

Tyre pressure gauge

Part No: TOOL-26
£6.50 excluding vat
– Silverline pocket-sized pressure gauge with a push-fit Schrader valve. Reads 10 – 100 psi.

Tyre lever 16″/400mm

Part No: TOOL-27
£8.95 excluding vat