BSA B25/C25

AccessoriesEngine Plates & tie boltsPetrol tank and fittings
Air filterExhaust systemPistons and rings
Barrel etcFastenings, standardPrimary chaincase
BatteryFootrestsRacks & panniers
Battery carrierForksRocker box and fittings
Big end assemblyFrame fittingsSaddles
Brake pedal, rod etcGasket setsShock absorbers
BrakesGearboxSide panels 
Cables, not speedometerHandlebars and controlsSilencers
Camshafts and followersHead steadySpeedometers & cables
CataloguesHT coils etcStands (1971)
Centre standLighting equipmentSwinging arm 
Centre stand (1971)LinersSwitches
Chains and chainguardsMain bearings (crank)Tank, oil 
ClutchManualsTank, petrol 
Crankcase and fittingsMudguard, front Timing gear & fittings
Crankshaft assemblyMudguard, rear Tools
Cylinder barrelNuts and Bolts Transfers
Cylinder head and fittingsOil feed pipes, engineTyres
Cylinder linersOil feed pipes, rocker boxValve springs
Dual seatsOil pump Valves and guides
Electrical- ChargingOil tankWashers
Electrical- IgnitionOwners guides Wheels
Electrical- LightingPaint equivalentsWiring looms
Electrical- SwitchesParts books Workshop manuals
Electrical- Wiring

Only being made for five years, the BSA B25 and C25 models are not as common as other more well known bikes like the Gold Star. A unit engine model, the Fleetstar and Starfire BSA were made from 1967 to 1971, all 250cc with some B25s a Trials model. Often credited with being the fastest 250 made in Britain at the time, the racing red and bright blue, as well it’s lightweight engine and unfussy styling, appealed to a younger crowd.

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Air Filter



Cylinder & Crank

Electrical Equipment

Footrest & Brake Pedal






Oil Tank & Silencer

Petrol Tank, Handlebars & Dual Seats

Primary Chain Case

Swinging Arm