Spares/Parts for BSA A7/10 – B31/33 – C10/11/12 – M20/21/33

AccessoriesExhaust systemPistons and rings
Air filterFastenings, standardPivoted rear fork
AlternatorFootrestsPlunger suspension
Barrel etcForksPrimary chaincase
BatteryFrame fittingsRacks & panniers
Battery carrierGasket setsRear stand
Big end assemblyGaskets, looseRocker box and fittings
Bolts and nutsGearboxSaddles
Brake pedal, rod etcGirder forkService sheets 
BrakesHandlebars and controlsShock absorber (engine)
Cables, not speedometerHead steadyShock absorbers 
Camshafts and followersHornsSide panels 
CarburettorHT coils etcSilencers
CataloguesLighting equipmentSpeedometers & cables
Centre standLinersStands
Chains and chainguardsMagnetoSwinging arm 
ClutchMain bearings (crank)Switches
Crankcase and fittingsManualsTank, oil 
Crankshaft assemblyMudguard, front Tank, petrol 
Cylinder barrelMudguard, rear Telescopic fork
Cylinder head and fittingsNuts and Bolts Timing case fittings
Cylinder linersOil feed pipes, engineTiming gear 
Dual seatsOil feed pipes, rocker boxTools and toolboxes
DynamoOil pressure regulatorTransfers
Electrical- ChargingOil pump Tyres
Electrical- IgnitionOil tank and oilValve springs
Electrical- LightingOwners guides Valves and guides
Electrical- SwitchesPaint equivalents Washers
Engine Plates & tie boltsParts books Wiring looms
Petrol tank and fittingsWorkshop manuals
BSA pre-unit motorbikes are popular machines, including the Gold Flash and Gold Star, Road Rocket and Star Twin as well as the versatile singles and lightweights. With their engine and gearbox separate they are simple to work on and lovely British bikes to ride. Spares for models like the B31 and B33 as well as the M20 (a reliable motorcycle used by the military) are readily available and we make a number of hard-to-find items in house. These classic bikes show no sign of becoming obsolete.


Luggage from our sister company Craven

Battery Carrier

Carburetter and Air Filters

Chains, cases & guards


Engine Plates and Tie Studs

Engine, gaskets, gearbox

Exhaust System


Footrests & Brake pedals


Frames & Stands

Handlebars, Cables & Speedos


Mudguards & Panniers

Oil & Petrol tank


Tools and Toolboxes

Transfers & Miscellaneous