This page will inform you how to order, how we process and dispatch your order, our back-ordering process and how to get in touch us if you have a query. It will also inform you about our stock process, how we process returns and our satisfaction guarantee.

Ordering, Payment, Back Orders, Returns

We receive your order / It is sent to the warehouse / Your order is picked using a tablet, back-ordering and adjusting stock as necessary / Your order is packed / Postage calculated and added to the total / Your card is charged Or you have paid online / Your order is dispatched / An email is sent to you confirming dispatch with an attached invoice copy.

For more details and order variations please keep reading!

Orders can be placed through our online shop (you will need to make an account when ordering for the first time), by email to, by telephone or even by letter. You are also welcome to visit our shop premises and order in person. Mondays are especially busy (Tuesdays after a bank holiday are VERY busy), so you may experience delays if you contact us then.

When placing an order outside the online shop, please use part numbers if possible, and a short description of each item to help with errors, as well as your machine details (make, model and year). Other details may prove useful such as frame type, wheel size, type of head etc as relevant to your order. Tell us of any modifications too! If in doubt, please feel free to ask for our help. Please include your contact details so we can get in touch if we have questions. Full name and address (inc country if outside of the UK), telephone number and/or email please and ideally your account number with us if you have one.

Items are generally sold singly unless described otherwise (pair, set etc). The number given in the ‘per’ column denotes how many of one item are required ‘per motorbike’ as the original parts books did. This is not how many you will receive if you order one! If you need four of an item, and they are not described as a ‘set’ then please order four.

The easiest way to order is via our online shop, as you will be prompted for all the required information. Firstly log in or create an account. Then use the search box to find specific part numbers if you have them already, or browse the catalogue categories to find what you need. If you cannot find something either contact us before submitting your order, or provide a description in the ‘comments’ box when checking out.

When checking out you will have the opportunity to provide a delivery address alternate to your billing address, then submit your card details.

You can also select ‘speedy despatch’ if you wish (despatch details below). You can also use the comments box to advise us of any special delivery requests or instructions. We will try to accommodate where possible.

Through the new website, your card is charged at the time of submitting your order. Parts are backordered unless we are told otherwise. See ‘Backorders’ section for more information. We are working on getting the online shop to calculate postage but we have to weigh over 12,000 items so it is taking us a while!

We do not send automatic order updates at every stage, only on despatch of your order. We will generally only contact you if there is an issue.

We accept all major credit and debit cards, cheques and cash –

  • Visa, Mastercard and American Express – details can be entered at the checkout securely, or sent through our secure link DO NOT send card details by email, even if split between two emails! We use a secure third party to process our payments, called ‘Payzone’.
  • Direct bank transfer or BACS – We bank with the Co-operative Bank, details are listed below. Also please please please quote your account number as the reference. It will mean that we will know exactly whom the money has come from, and without it you may experience a delay in the processing of your order. Any fees MUST be covered by you, we will not dispatch an order until it is paid in full, including any charges deducted by either bank.
  • Paypal – Paypal have particularly high fees compared to other payment methods. They have also recently decided to keep their fee whenever we issue a refund, meaning we lose money offering our money back guarantee. This makes a big difference to a small business and this is why we don’t want to accept paypal. Apologies for the inconvenience.

IBAN – GB39 CPBK 0892 5068 5038 08

  • Cheques made out to Draganfly Motorcycles in £GBP ONLY
  • Cash in person only, please do not send cash through the post!

If you wish to update your card details with us and you are not ordering through the online shop, please do so over the telephone. We do not recommend emailing details.

We supply most of our parts by mail order. Parts are generally dispatched within 5 working days by first class letter post (which Royal Mail aims to deliver the next working day) to the UK or standard, untracked Airmail for overseas orders. We also offer a speedy dispatch service which aims to leave us on the same working day as the order is placed. This incurs an extra charge of £2 and orders MUST be received before 2pm. You can choose which service you would like when ordering online, please specify if emailing or calling. We use couriers for large, heavy or very valuable orders and use a broker website to get the best deal. We never use surface mail! Specific shipping instructions are also welcomed and will be accommodated where possible.

Orders with a value of £200 or more will have extra insurance applied due to the increasing number of lost or damaged parcels we are experiencing.

Shipping, generally speaking, is from £3.50. Heavy or large parcels will have a higher shipping charge. We are happy to quote ahead of shipping for bulky parcels. Charges are calculated on weight, size and value.

Spend £50 online and get £5 off shipping (Until 31st July 2024) – This offer applies to orders placed through our online shop only. VAT is not included in the £50 value. The £50 value only applies to parts in stock at time of picking the order. Up to £5 will be deducted from the cost of shipping of qualifying orders, for example if your shipping cost is £7.95, we will deduct £5 and charge you the remaining £2.95

All packages to South Africa and South America are sent by a tracked service due to the poor delivery rate we have experienced. This costs a little more but ensures delivery.

Customs regulations change regularly and we do our best to keep up with all of them to reduce delays but they are many and varied. We add the correct code to our parcels, but customs do not always acknowledge this and there is no magic number we have found to make import duty disappear (so far). Customs occasionally hold packages, sometimes for days, which we can do little about unfortunately.

We dispatch worldwide and do not charge tax on parts sent to outside the UK from January 1st 2021.

If you have a specific event you require parts for, please order as soon as possible. It is not always possible to dispatch same day and the post can be delayed or even lost!

Occasionally parcels and packages get lost but all our orders are insured automatically and in the majority of cases at no extra cost to you. Orders of £200 or more in value will have extra insurance applied. Draganfly Motorcycles does not consider a non tracked item as lost until at least 20 working days have passed or 30 working days for oversea parcels. If in doubt please contact us, confirming the delivery address, we will do our very best to locate the package if possible. If it is confirmed as lost we will replace the items.

Claims for loss must be made within 80 calendar days of the date of posting, or no claim will be entertained. Draganfly Motorcycles have no legal liability for any loss if at the time of the claim 80 days has expired from the date of posting. Draganfly Motorcycles advises customers to claim as soon as possible after an event has occurred to enable enquiries to be made promptly.

Royal Mail Advise –

The sender or the recipient of the item may both claim for a lost item but only one will be paid compensation. If both claim for the same item then Royal Mail will process only the sender’s claim unless compensation has already been paid to the recipient. The claimant is required to provide the same evidence regardless of whether they are the sender or recipient.

Draganfly Motorcycles will contact you, the customer, with the outcome of their complaint within 30 calendar days (if for any reason we are not in a position to finalise after 30 days Draganfly Motorcycles will contact the customer with an update.)

Please read your invoice for any notices ie items on backorder or out of stock, problems with payment etc

Please check through the package carefully and make sure each item invoiced is present and correct.

BEFORE painting, chroming or altering ANY item try to fit it first to ensure it is what you want. We will only accept return items in the condition which they were delivered in.

Notify us as soon as possible of any missing, damaged or incorrect items so we can rectify the situation with minimal inconvenience to you.

Out of stock items – The stock level on our website is as close to live as we can get it, updating every half hour or so. Even so, the stock level may not always be correct, we apologise that this still occurs.

Out of stock items are charged for when orders are placed. We will hold this credit for when the parts are supplied but we are happy to refund any credit by the same method paid – let us know by adding a note in the ‘comments’ box or by email. Alternatively ask for ‘no back orders’.

We stock 13,000 different items from over 200 suppliers, some of whom are idiosyncratic or just down right slow, so when we are out of stock, ordered parts will be placed on ‘back order’ (see below). As many of our suppliers are small businesses and very busy they will not, and indeed cannot, give us delivery dates. We will obtain the parts as soon as we can.

Backorders – An item placed on backorder will be ordered by us, to be sent as soon as it is available. However if more than 2 months have elapsed since placing your order, we will usually send you a Long Last letter/email (see below). Postage will be charged on these items but we will not charge for them until they are sent and we do try to exercise common sense by waiting for all parts, or not, if something is likely to be ages. If you prefer that we do not back order items please mark your order “No Back Orders”. You can cancel a back order at any time.  Prices are subject to change when stock becomes available, Sometimes we have to change suppliers or find new ones and material prices fluctuate.

Not Available – Some items are not available at all. This means that as far as we know they are not being made by anyone, they are not cost effective to make or there is no stock or alternative supplier that we know of. These items are often listed on our website and marked as ‘N/A’ with zero price for your information.

Superseded – when an item is ‘superseded’ it is replaced by another part number on your invoice. This happens when many different part numbers are used for a common part (a 1/4 nut for example) and we only stock them under one number. Or we have found two parts are identical and only stock one, to reduce duplications in our warehouse.

Nowt –  If you place an order and everything on the order is out of stock, or the majority of the order is out of stock and we feel it prudent to hold the order, we will send a ‘Nowt’, or zeroed invoice, for your information. If you have requested ‘no backorders’ this nowt will show we have processed your order and sent and backordered nothing.

Long Last – If a backordered items takes more than two months to come into stock, we will usually contact you first in the form of a Long Last letter or email, so called because the part is in stock ‘at long last’. In the case of standard items you have no obligation to take the parts. If you do still want them, please re-order, stating ‘long last’ when you do. The parts will be reserved for you for one month before either being offered to the next on the waiting list or being returned to general stock. The price quoted will be the current price, not the price when first ordered. Shipping is usually charged on Long Last items.

Quotes – We are happy to quote for items and estimated postage with no obligation. Quotes are usually valid for 28 days.

All our items are covered by our money back guarantee. You can return almost any item to us for a refund, exchange or credit to your Draganfly account for future spending up to six months from date of purchase. In the case of special order items (some wheel rims, dating certificates, special engineering work etc) please get in contact with us before returning as they are not returnable.
Any returned item which was purchased over 6 months prior will be issued with credit and not with a refund. There is no time limit for returning items as long as the original invoice is still on our system (up to 3 years) OR you have a copy of your invoice.

Please include a completed returns slip (included with every order, or click here to view an editable online version) or covering letter with each return package in order to complete your refund more quickly. Please tell us how you would like your refund (credit on account, paypal etc). If there are no instructions received we will usually refund to your account with us.

We aim to deal with any packages within 5 working days, this can be longer at busy periods.

You are responsible for the cost of return postage. In some cases we will consider refunding the cost of return postage and will consider each case separately. We will only consider this if an item is faulty or we are at fault. Even under these circumstances, we will only ever refund second class postage, so please avoid using first class as we won’t refund it.

We will not refund an item until we have received it. We cannot be held responsible for packages lost on their way to us, that is the post office’s job!

All items returned which are not faulty must be in a resalable condition and in the condition they were sent in. Painted, chromed or modified parts will not be accepted.

If you require a replacement or exchange item, please tell us. We are happy to send this item ahead of receiving your return but we will charge you for this item and refund on receipt of the other.

Our Workshop is equipped to undertake a number of repair and engineering jobs. We also outsource some repairs and overhauls of items. In most cases you will not be able to speak to the engineer – there is only one of him and many of you. There is also no phone in the basement where we keep him and 99% of the time the answer you need can be provided by a member of the office staff.

Most standard jobs have an estimated turnaround time, this is subject to change and work never takes less time than we estimate.

When sending items for repair or exchange please –

  • Pack items well – we cannot accept any responsibility for parts damaged in transit getting to us.
  • Send by a postal service suitable for the item you are sending. You are responsible for the shipping costs so take out extra insurance/tracking service if necessary.
  • If sending items from overseas mark your package ‘Items for repair (or exchange), temporary import’ and DO NOT over value your item or customs will make a substantial charge which will add delay to your order and a fee to your bill!

Contact Details:

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We are closed on all UK bank holidays and between Christmas and New Years day.

We have limited parking at our shop for cars but plenty for motorcycles.

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General Terms and Conditions –

  1. Prices are correct at the last update of the website. Please be aware that they can go up as well as down!
    All prices are shown exclusive of VAT and postage and are in GBP. We do not offer prices in any other currency.
  2. The online shop is not a live stock website, items on the website are not necessarily ‘in stock’, they are only ‘available’.
  3. Most item photos are of the actual item itself. In some cases we may use a generic item for illustration. When manufacturers change the appearance /material/ contents of a kit without notice we will do our best to update the image as soon as possible.
  4. Harassment or abuse, verbal or otherwise, to our staff will not be tolerated. Anyone using profane or derogatory language to our staff may be refused service and have their account suspended without notice.

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