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AJS/Matchless cylinder heads – Used

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Part No: Autojumble-045
Auction Expired
A pair of cylinder cylinder heads for a AJS/Matchless belived to be for the 500/650cc. Casting stamp numbers are 02507

Ariel 350cc NH twin port 1949, dating certificate, guide price

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Part No: Autojumble-029
Reserve price Not met!
Ariel project! This 1949 rigid frame NH350 jigsaw comes with dating certificate, the frame has the corresponding engine and gearbox.

Cylinder barrel, 10 stud, +60″ used with pistons

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Part No: 71-4005/60U
Auction Expired
1974-80 750cc Twin Triumph. Cylinder barrel, 10 stud, with oil hole +60, used with pistons, rings and pins, 1974-80 one

Norton WD 16H Engine – Used

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Part No: Autojumble-012
Reserve price Not met!
For sale we have a used Norton WD 16H engine.  The only identification number stamped on the crankcase is 944

Petrol tank 1956 s/arm – detachable flutes SOLD

SKU: 5000-56

No longer available.

Part No: 5000-56
Winning Bid: £101.00
We have 2 original Ariel fuel tanks, one black one green. Both solid with filler caps

Petrol tank A7 54-57 Plunger – one available

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Part No: 67-8126
Starting bid: £100.00
Chrome petrol tank for BSA A7, 1954-57 Plunger frame models. Only one available and they may never be in stock

Petrol tank WDM20 – only one available!

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Part No: 66-8246
Starting bid: £100.00
Petrol tank for BSA WDM20.

Petrol tank, 4 gallon, Gold star chrome

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Part No: 42-8107
Starting bid: £100.00
Petrol tank for Goldstar swinging arm models, chrome plated, 4 gallon