Ariel general information

Electronic ignition systems – a guide

This article discusses the pro and cons of fitting electronic ignition in both a practical and a philosophical sense. It also lists the types of kits available and what is in each kit. The all important part numbers are included should you be tempted to buy one!

Not all Ariels are Red Hunters

This is an introductory article covering the Ariel model range including a guide to the model codes used by Ariel. It can be used to find the proper code for your bike, and why calling all singles ‘Red Hunters’ is not very accurate.

Real Classics Article on an Arrow

Ariel’s Arrow was certainly an oddity, and it is most definitely an old British bike. But is it a genuine classic motorcycle? Paul Friday doesn’t really care, because his Arrow was certainly the worst bike he’s ever owned…

The Cammy Rally Held in Spain

Take many old men, several Square Fours and a long trip to Northern Spain. The result is an article in German detailing the entire fiasco. I can’t really say a great deal about this article since it is in German. If there are any of our beloved customers who speak German and would like to translate this into English then that would be great. Photos & Article Copyright – Markus Nikot.

The Snow Patrol

Top fun in the Dolomites on a road that should have been easy – it wasn’t.