BSA General Information

Wiring Looms

A list of all the available wiring looms with applications. All our looms are supplied with a wiring diagram and most are cloth covered.

Big end assemblies

Using this list it easy to find the part number for any BSA big end assembly from 1926 to 1965. Is a B31 big end the same as that for a Gold Star? It is possible to answer this question with this list.

Model Chart

A colourful chart showing in a graphical format which years each and every post war model was made.

Engine and Frame Numbers

It is essential to know the exact model and year of your machine, not only to restore it accurately but simply to increase the chances of obtaining the correct parts. With a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in your hand anything is possible; you would be surprised at how many people believe that their bike is something different to what it really is. Don’t necessarily go on what the registration document states, since this could be incorrect.

Carburettor Settings

A chart showing all the carburettor settings for all post war models.

Chains – Length vs Sprocket Size

Find the length and size of chain required for any Ariel 1937-65 or unit BSA 1949-72. Using the sprocket sizes you will be able to determine the length you require. This is great if you have non standard sprockets and need a chain. Remember the old one you remove may not be the correct one since it could have been shortened to take up any slack. All available at competitive prices from Draganfly.

Flywheel Numbers – Now there’s Fun

A table to translate the casting numbers on the flywheels and con-rods to proper part numbers complete with applications. This was written by Roger and I feel just shows his dedication to the subject and the job. If you are able to find other motorcycle websites with such details I will be surprised, eBay doesn’t give you this level of care or attention


As the title suggest this is a mind boggling list of all the screws, bolts and studs that we stock, complete with diameters, lengths and head types. So if you are looking for a fastening by size here is the answer, if you know the application it is usually easier to look it up in the catalogue or parts book.


A list of all known BSA original publications, that are relevent to a restorer. Manuals, parts books, owner’s guides etc, etc

Model Names – A Guide

New members of staff have had a problem getting to grips with the profusion of model names and model codes so I compiled this list to help. Do you know what a Super Flash or a Sportsman is? Did you know that there were 5 models of Empire Star made over a 3 year period?

Petrol taps – a guide

If you were wondering which petrol tap to buy, here is a guide. How to measure your old tap, do they have filters, what about a reserve etc?

Piston to bore clearances

How much room should there be between the piston and bore? Too much and it will rattle, not enough and it may seize, it may seize anyway but here are the official figures. Modern pistons use the same figures as the modern alloy expands at the same rate as the old stuff.

Pistons and Rings

Another huge and comprehensive list; this time all the sizes and details of every piston, ring and gudgeon pin along with OE, Hepolite and Wellworthy numbers that could be found.

Plugs, Points, Batteries, etc

Here is a list of the electrical components used on Ariels and BSA bikes. By giving us the part numbers from this list you will not only save your telephone bill but also ensure that you receive the correct part.

Rims and spokes

This is the table that we use to find the part numbers for rims and spokes, it includes a listing of ‘wheel types’. Have you ever wondered if all rims are the same, using this table you can find out? Roger spent about 50 hours compiling this and does not want to look and rims and spokes again for a long time.

Transfer Listing

This is a detailed listing of transfers used from 1910 onwards and is accurate as Roger can make it. The listing is broken down into application by model and details of each transfer. Virtually all of these are available.

Valve Dimensions

Table listing the main dimensions of all Ariel and BSA valves that we have data for. As it is in Excell the table can be ordered on any of the parameters or filtered to show certain criteria.