BSA models we cover

Here is a list of BSA models that we can supply spares for. Any model shown in bold is a unit machine, this means that the gearbox is part of the engine and can not be split from the engine.

Single cylinder modelsTwin cylinder modelsTriple cylinder models
D1 125 ccA7500 ccA75R Rocket Three750 cc
D3  Major150 ccA7ST500 ccA75RV Rocket Three750 cc
D5  Super175 ccA7SS500 cc
D7  Super175 ccA50500 cc
D10 Silver,  Supreme,  Sports & Bushman175 ccA50C Cyclone500 cc
D14/4  Supreme,  Sports & Bushman175 ccA50 Wasp500 cc
D175  Sports and Bushman175 ccA10 Golden Flash650 cc
B33-1 – B35-1, B1249 ccA10 Super Flash650 cc
B33-2 – B35-2, B2249 ccA10 Road Rocket650 cc
B33-3 – B35-3, B3 Blue Star249 ccA10 Super Rocket650 cc
B20249 ccA10 Rocket Gold Star650 cc
B21249 ccA65650 cc
B22 Empire Star249 ccA65R Rocket650 cc
C15250 ccA65T Thunderbolt650 cc
C15T250 ccA65L Lightning / Rocket650 cc
C15S250 ccA65S Spitfire650 cc
SS80250 ccA65 Hornet650 cc
C25 Barracuda250 ccA65F Firebird Scrambler650 cc
B25 Starfire250 ccA70L Lightning750 cc
B25FS Fleetstar250 cc
B25SS Shooting Star250 cc
B25ST250 cc
C10250 cc
C11250 cc
C11G250 cc
C12250 cc
C10L250 cc
C12250 cc
B30348 cc
B23348 cc
B24348 cc
B25348 cc
B26348 cc
B29348 cc
B31348 cc
B32348 cc
M19 Deluxe349 cc
R33-4 – R35-4, R4349 cc
R33-5 – R35-5, R5 Blue Star349 cc
B40350 cc
SS90350 cc
B40WD350 cc
B44 GP441 cc
B44 VE “Victor Enduro”441 cc
B44 “Victor Roadster”441 cc
M22496 cc
M23 Silver Star/Empire Star496 cc
M24 Gold Star496 cc
M20496 cc
M33499 cc
W32-6, W33-6, W34-7, W35-6, W6499 cc
W32-7, W33-7, W34-8, W35-7499 cc
W33-8, W34-9, W35-8 Blue Star499 cc
W33-9, W34-10, W35-9499 cc
B33499 cc
B34499 cc
B50SS Gold Star500 cc
B50T Trail500 cc
B50MX Motorcross500 cc
M21591 cc
M33-10, M34-12, M35-10, M10596 cc
M33-11, M34-13, M35-11596 cc