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A Hawker product can be relied upon to deliver in every aspect – from presentation to performance. Hawker products are a cut above the rest.

Norfolk Hawker DragonflyHawker gets its name from the Norfolk Hawker, one of 2 brown hawker dragonflies found in Britain. It has clear untinted wings, green eyes and a yellow triangular mark on the second abdominal segment. It is the jewel of the Norfolk broads, an iconic dragonfly to many.


Once found across the whole of East Anglia, by the mid-1970’s it was believed to be extinct in Britain by some authorities. Since the 1980’s however it staged a comeback and while still a rare insect, it is now well protected at a variety of nature reserves. Representing the regeneration of the Norfolk broads and the success of conservation, the name Hawker was chosen as a symbol of its beauty, success and resilience.

We are proud of the heritage of the Norfolk Hawker. That’s why we strive to source all material locally, instilling pride in manufacturer and customer alike. Each product is meticulously checked to ensure the correct standard is delivered. We sell with confidence, you buy with peace of mind. Hawker exists as a means to showcase the level of quality we provide.


Welcome to the new standard.