Triumph, BSA and Ariel mugs are all here, including our exclusive White Horse mug, complete with a ‘minimum tea level’. Our branded Draganfly motorcycle mug also has the handy ‘minimum tea level’.

Triumph mug, black with silver writing

SKU: AC-07
Part No: AC-07
£6.44 excluding vat
Black mug with a classic Triumph logo in silver on the front and the Draganfly logo and ‘Minimum Tea Level’

Ariel white horse mug, exclusive design by Draganfly

SKU: AC-31
Part No: AC-31
£6.17 excluding vat
Gloss black mug, featuring no.2 in our White Horse series. The design is taken from a series of business cards

Draganfly mug “Minimum Tea Level”

SKU: AC-32
Part No: AC-32
£6.17 excluding vat
Official Draganfly mug in black and white to match our t-shirts. Show your friends where you buy your bits, and

Mug, Winged BSA ‘Made in England’ red and white

SKU: AC-33
Part No: AC-33
£6.66 excluding vat
Classic BSA winged logo in red on a white mug, with the Draganfly logo and ‘Minimum Tea Level’ on the