Carburetter and Air Filters

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Ariel fitted Amal carburetters to all models from 1929 onwards except the overhead valve Square Four, which used a Solex instrument up to 1953, and then an SU carburetter from 1954 to 1958. The early Amal carburetters used 1929-54 have several names, the official one is ‘Type 6’ but they are also known as ‘remote float’ as the float is in a separate chamber to one side or ‘old leaky’ because, well they tend to leak. They were replaced by the ‘Monobloc’ carburetter, so called because the complete instrument is in one casting. This was in turn replaced by the Concentric, the float bowl is beneath and concentric to the mixing chamber, as this was produced from 1965 it was never originally fitted to Ariels but is a common replacement so we list parts for them. Each type is described more fully under the relevant section below.

Poor starting and erratic tick over is usually caused by wear between the throttle valve and the body. Fitting a new slide in a worn body is like fitting a new chain to old sprockets, a waste of time. Wear is likely to be apparent as early as 5,000 miles, but can be rectified by boring the body oversize and fitting a sleeve to the slide. The materials used in this process will last a lot longer than the original. This is preferable to fitting a non-original later type of concentric carburetter. The new Monobloc carburetters that are now available have improved materials. The prices for re-sleeving are given in the price list by RES169 or RES170 for a complete overhaul.
Or replace the basics and seals with our overhaul pack here (monobloc only)

Solex Carburetter 1937-53 Square Four

1024A-37Throttle cable bracket on carb studMK I/II1937-53
7500-89Amal Concentric carburetter kit to replace Solex, Includes cables and air lever. A tight fit but worth it! Will NOT fit 4G or 1953 MK IIMK I1948-52
7540-37Air bell with screws and spacers4G/MK I1937-52

Air filters

Concentric Carburetter

Monobloc Carburettor

SU Carburetters

Type 6 Carburetter 1929-54