This section covers all Ariel singles from 1926 onwards with the exception of the BSA Colt, see separate catalogue. For gasket sets click here; individual gaskets click here; pistons, rings and liners click here; oil pressure gauge pipes click here; exhaust lifter cable adjuster click here.

The great Val Page designed a new range of singles for the 1926 season, there were 4 models, all with the same basic vertical engine, 2 side valve models and 2 with overhead valves. Over the next 32 years they slowly evolved from being at the forefront of motorcycle design, “The Modern Motorcycle”, to being somewhat overweight and old fashioned. It is however this long life, with minimal changes, that means the owner of an Ariel single has access to an unrivalled range of spares, particularly for the models from before the war when compared to other makes. The listing above concentrates on the vertical engines from 1933 but many parts fit earlier models and we will always try to help with non-listed parts. There are also some parts listed for the 1929-32 Colts and 1931-32 Slopers, although these designs have little in common with the mainstream models. The later Colts (1933-39) are catered for here as they are variations on the main theme.

Torque settings – Ariel never published official figures for torque values for head bolts. We generally recommend 20ft/lbs, a little less for Aluminium heads.

Bottom End

Top end - Over head valve

Top end - Side valve

Valves, guides & springs