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Cush drive cam, 4 lobe, used

SKU: 15-1555U
Part No: 15-1555U
£22.77 excluding vat

Inner gearbox cover, used

SKU: 15-4211U
Part No: 15-4211U
£22.77 excluding vat

Inlet cam – used

SKU: 27-1470U
Part No: 27-1470U
£20.70 excluding vat
Part is used and has damage on the lobe which would need to be repaired.

Exhaust cam, used

SKU: 27-1471U
Part No: 27-1471U
£41.41 excluding vat

Timing cover, outer, Used

SKU: 29-2128U
Part No: 29-2128U
£15.53 excluding vat
Part is used and has some deep score marks across the front of the cover in the middle approximately 1-7/8″

Timing cover, inner

SKU: 29-2129U
Part No: 29-2129U
£17.08 excluding vat

Cylinder C10L used

SKU: 29-2547U
Part No: 29-2547U
£68.32 excluding vat

Gearbox outer cover -used

SKU: 29-3240U
Part No: 29-3240U
£17.08 excluding vat

Gearbox shell, used

SKU: 29-3255U
Part No: 29-3255U
£22.77 excluding vat

Gearbox shell, used

SKU: 29-3571U
Part No: 29-3571U
£25.73 excluding vat

Top yoke, used

SKU: 29-5171U
Part No: 29-5171U
£22.77 excluding vat

Bottom yoke, used

SKU: 29-5286U
Part No: 29-5286U
£15.94 excluding vat

Top yoke, used

SKU: 29-5363U
Part No: 29-5363U
£22.77 excluding vat

Front hub with bearings and spindle, used

SKU: 29-5928
Part No: 29-5928
£90.00 excluding vat

Full width hub C12 – Used – 1 with welded on sprocket.

SKU: 29-6284
Part No: 29-6284
£72.46 excluding vat
We have 2 of these in stock, 1 with a welded on sprocket and 1 without.

Chaincase, outer C11G, used

SKU: 29-8099U
Part No: 29-8099U
£34.15 excluding vat

Contact breaker cover, used

SKU: 40-0684U
Part No: 40-0684U
£4.60 excluding vat

Engine sprocket 23t, used

SKU: 40-210U
Part No: 40-210U
£22.77 excluding vat

Pinion 1st 21T, used

SKU: 40-3151U
Part No: 40-3151U
£31.05 excluding vat

Bottom yoke, 7″ stem, used

SKU: 40-5194U
Part No: 40-5194U
£22.77 excluding vat

Oil tank, glassfibre, used

SKU: 40-8445U
Part No: 40-8445U
£66.95 excluding vat

Side panel, C15, used some dents

SKU: 40-9003U
Part No: 40-9003U
£29.60 excluding vat

Tool tray B44, used, need repair

SKU: 40-9172U
Part No: 40-9172U
£22.77 excluding vat

Camshaft B44 <69 - used

SKU: 41-0595U
Part No: 41-0595U
£51.76 excluding vat

Fork top cover – used

SKU: 41-5021U
Part No: 41-5021U
£43.22 excluding vat

Gearbox, incomplete A/B s/arm, adjuster type

SKU: 42-3005AU
Part No: 42-3005AU
£56.94 excluding vat
ONE ONLY! If it says ‘out of stock’ we’ve sold out!

Gearbox shell, used

SKU: 42-3006U
Part No: 42-3006U
£27.33 excluding vat

Layshaft 2nd gear, 23T, used

SKU: 42-3023U
Part No: 42-3023U
£10.99 excluding vat

Kickstart crank only, used

SKU: 42-3037U
Part No: 42-3037U
£11.39 excluding vat

Brake lever (used)

SKU: 42-5576U
Part No: 42-5576U
£6.21 excluding vat

Large tank, small round badge type A/B 1954-60 dented

SKU: 42-8102U
Part No: 42-8102U
£93.16 excluding vat
Two available, ask for photos!

Bottom yoke, used – some rust

SKU: 53-5107U
Part No: 53-5107U
£20.70 excluding vat

D/side flywheel & shaft, used

SKU: 65-1124U
Part No: 65-1124U
£15.75 excluding vat

Cylinder head, cast iron, B31/2, used

SKU: 65-1156U
Part No: 65-1156U
£67.98 excluding vat

Outer kickstart cover, used

SKU: 65-3346U
Part No: 65-3346U
£25.87 excluding vat

Clutch operating lever- used

SKU: 65-3383U
Part No: 65-3383U
£20.70 excluding vat

Gearbox shell B 1946-48, used

SKU: 65-3394U
Part No: 65-3394U
£34.15 excluding vat

Top yoke, used

SKU: 65-5398U
Part No: 65-5398U
£18.84 excluding vat

Pushrod Tunnel, used

SKU: 65-924U
Part No: 65-924U
£14.30 excluding vat

Cylinder, needs liner & repair

SKU: 66-0088/60
Part No: 66-0088/60
£25.00 excluding vat

Cylinder – Used

SKU: 66-0132
Part No: 66-0132
£35.00 excluding vat

Con-rod – used

SKU: 66-0481U
Part No: 66-0481U
£31.05 excluding vat

Gearbox case, used

SKU: 66-3123U
Part No: 66-3123U
£28.47 excluding vat

Layshaft 1st gear, 29T (used)

SKU: 66-3209U
Part No: 66-3209U
£12.42 excluding vat

Con Rod M20/21 used

SKU: 66-480U
Part No: 66-480U
£39.73 excluding vat

Rocker box, used

SKU: 67-0259U
Part No: 67-0259U
£24.54 excluding vat

Rocker inspection cover, used

SKU: 67-0263U
Part No: 67-0263U
£5.70 excluding vat

Inner timing cover, used

SKU: 67-0284U
Part No: 67-0284U
£15.07 excluding vat

Left hand crankcase – used

SKU: 67-1085U
Part No: 67-1085U
£41.41 excluding vat

Con-rod, right hand, 500 used

SKU: 67-1202U
Part No: 67-1202U
£39.85 excluding vat

Outer timing cover A7, used

SKU: 67-128U
Part No: 67-128U
£17.08 excluding vat

Outer timing cover, A7, used

SKU: 67-146U
Part No: 67-146U
£17.08 excluding vat

Mainshaft, used

SKU: 67-3061U
Part No: 67-3061U
£46.58 excluding vat

Kickstart ratchet kit – used

SKU: 67-3168AU
Part No: 67-3168AU
£122.92 excluding vat

Bottom yoke 7-1/4″, used

SKU: 67-5016U
Part No: 67-5016U
£22.77 excluding vat

Top yoke, used

SKU: 67-5028U
Part No: 67-5028U
£15.75 excluding vat

Inner cover (used)

SKU: 68-0868U
Part No: 68-0868U
£20.70 excluding vat

Rocker cover smooth A65, used

SKU: 68-139U
Part No: 68-139U
£19.93 excluding vat

Layshaft, speedo type, used

SKU: 68-3102U
Part No: 68-3102U
£15.94 excluding vat

High gear Mainshaft 23T Used

SKU: 68-3115U
Part No: 68-3115U
£37.78 excluding vat

Clutch sleeve 1965-69, used

SKU: 68-3277U
Part No: 68-3277U
£25.99 excluding vat
O.D. 2.58″ / 65.7mm. Overall height 1.02″ / 26.0mm. Centre hole diameter (not including keyway) 0.80″ / 20.3mm.