Ariel Gifts

Stuck for a gift for the Ariel owner in your life? We have presents large and small for the Ariel fan who has everything. From mugs and badges, to key rings and t-shirts – we even have the double-sided, full colour Ariel model poster and The Ariel Story book!

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Badge, horse & horseshoe

SKU: AC-10

Low stock - may be backordered

Part No: AC-10
£4.89 excluding vat
Ariel Horse and horsehoe logo in blue, black and red. A classic!

Ariel badge, triangular

SKU: AC-11
Part No: AC-11
£6.35 excluding vat
Ariel Triangle badge in pale blue and yellow. British made

Key fob – Ariel horseshoe

SKU: AC-22

Low stock - may be backordered

Part No: AC-22
£6.99 excluding vat

Key fob, Ariel logo, black

SKU: AC-23

Low stock - may be backordered

Part No: AC-23
£6.82 excluding vat

Ariel white horse mug, exclusive design by Draganfly

SKU: AC-31
Part No: AC-31
£6.17 excluding vat
Gloss black mug, featuring no.2 in our White Horse series. The design is taken from a series of business cards

Poster, Every Ariel Model, full colour, double sided

SKU: AC-50
Part No: AC-50
£13.99 excluding vat
Full colour, double-sided poster showing each Ariel model from BOTH sides. Produced in collaboration with the Ariel Owners Club these

Ariel Colt 200cc t-shirt, XXL

Part No: AC-52XXL
£9.23 excluding vat

Pack of useful goo – Wellseal, Autosol and gearbox grease

£28.95 excluding vat
A gift pack of essential goo for every motorbike owner – Wellseal gasket sealant (the best), Autosol clean and polish

Universal tools gift pack – 5 piece

£19.45 excluding vat
Everything for the burgeoning restorer – emergency cable repair kit, essential cable oiler, wire brush set, magnetic dish to keep

Owner’s guide 1958 Arrow & Leader

Part No: OG58A/L
Original Owners Guide for the Ariel Arrow and Leader. This would have been given to new owners when the collected