Handlebars and Controls

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1″ diameter handlebars were used up to 1946 but from 1939 some models used a handlebar with a 1″ diameter centre section reduced to 7/8″ diameter for the rest. All telescopic fork models have 7/8″ diameter handlebars.

Handlebars and Levers

The controls that are available are sold as suitable replacements and not as exact copies of the originals, however most are close and all will do the job. The application list below gives the part number(s) for the best available suitable replacements, for details see listing below. For total accuracy the owner’s guide, parts books and period catalogues should be referred to. For notes on the 1956-58 levers, see section 37. The 6400-39 handlebar was 1″ diameter in the centre to fit the existing bracket but tapered to 7/8″, we have not been able to get these made.





Left hand lever assembly

Right hand lever assembly


Sing1″1934-466400-34107CLH1 + 100LH1107CRH1
Sing7/81939-466400-39108LH + 100LH7/8108RH
Sing7/81947-546400-46108LH + 100LH7/8108RH
Sing7/819556400-55108LH + 100LH7/8108RH
SQ 41″1937-486400-34107CLH1107RH1
SQ 47/81939-486400-39108LH108RH
SQ 47/81949-546400-46107LH7/8107RH7/8
SQ 47/819556400-55107LH7/8107RH7/8
SQ 47/81956-586400-566415-566419-56

N.B. The KH used a rod operated choke assembly mounted on the carburetter, as did the 1954-55 FH.

1″ Levers (With Ariel part number where the function is identical). For applications, see table above.

Part No.


100LH1Magneto or exhaust lever, LH 1″ (6412-31)
100RH1Air lever 1″, RH
105/1Exhaust lifter, trigger type 1″, not normally used on Ariels
107CLH1Clutch and magneto lever combined 1″ (6414-34)
107CRH1Brake and air lever combined 1″ (6416-34)
107LH1Clutch lever 1″ (not combination)
107RH1Brake lever (not combination) 1″ (6416-38)
12/569LH1Magneto or exhaust lever, long arm, 1″ LH
12/569RH1Air lever 1″, long arm, RH

7/8 Levers (With Ariel part number where the function is identical). For applications, see table above.

Part No.


100LH7/8Magneto or exhaust lever, LH
100RH7/8Air lever, RH
105/7Exhaust lever, trigger type (6418-56)
107LH7/8Clutch lever, pattern (not combination) (6415-48)
107RH7/8Brake lever, pattern (not combination) (6421-39)
108LHClutch and magneto lever combined (6414-39)
108RHBrake and air lever combined (6416-39)
12/569LHAdvance/retard lever, long arm, LH
12/569RHAdvance/retard lever, long arm, RH
6415-56Clutch lever for 1/4″ adjuster
6416-56Brake and air lever for 1/4″ adjuster
6417-56Clutch and magneto lever for 1/4″ adjuster
6419-56Brake lever for 1/4″ adjuster

Other bits

PACK-START-007Control lever packAAll
01-4606Screw in handlebar to prevent rotation, 2BA11934-42
10/2Pivot screw for lever (6416C-38)
10/2QPivot screw for lever, stainless (6416C-38)
10/2MQPivot screw for lever, stainless, 6mm
11/015/33Handlebar groups, 5 3/4″ long for Amal helical twist gripsAll1929-39
61Twist grip assembly without grips 1″All1933-46
71Twist grip assembly without grips (6430-39)All1939-58
71PThrottle control / Twist grip, 7/8, – pattern type – silver
17/327Throttle control / Twist grip, 7/8, – pattern type – black
207LH7/8Ball end lever, clutch
207RH7/8Ball end lever, brake
1070LHLever blade only, LH pressed type
1070RHLever blade only, RH pressed type
2070LHLever blade only, ball end, LH
2070RHLever blade only, ball end, RH
4833-27Half clamp for handlebar to yoke, bracket or bracket to yoke21927-46
6400-34Handlebar bend, correct shapenot W/NG1934-46
6400-46Handlebar bend, correct shapeTele1946-54
6400-55Handlebar bend, correct shapeTele1955-58
6415F-34Handlebar lever clamp screw, long1934-45
6415G-34Handlebar lever clamp screw, screw1934-45
6415S-34Spring steel washer for air or magneto lever
6425-7/87/8″ Handlebar grip LH, period hatched pattern1939-58
6425-11″ Handlebar grip, RH on 7/8″ bar ot LH on 1″ ‘bar, period hatched pattern1934-58
6425-11/81″ Handlebar group, RH period hatched pattern (not suitable for helix twist grips)1934-46
6425-99Handlebar grips with Ariel logo, 7/8″ ‘bars, not original1946-58
6430F-39Twist grip clamp screw (2 per), SS, 1BA for old assemblies. Modern ones are 5mmSome
6433-56Signet ring for 31563A switchAll1956-58
6434-55Bracket for cut-out switchKH/FH1955-58
SP1/4Nyloc nut for lever pivot screw
Z/14Inverted lever assembly, pre 1926 pattern1900-32

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