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Rear sprung hub – used

Part No: 37-0905U
£45.22 excluding vat

Mainshaft gear 17T, used

Part No: 57-1654AU
£10.05 excluding vat

Primary cover, used

Part No: 57-1727U
£40.20 excluding vat
– Dent just below inspection cap, scratched. Please enquire for photos.

Clutch cover, used

Part No: 57-2554U
£30.15 excluding vat

Breather cover, used

Part No: 57-2555U
£10.05 excluding vat

High gear (Rusty)

Part No: 57-3891U
£55.28 excluding vat

Camplate – (used) rusty

Part No: 57-4218U
£20.10 excluding vat

Layshaft assembly, used

Part No: 57-4900U
£65.32 excluding vat

Cylinder head – cast iron – used – damaged see description

Part No: 70-2896U
£45.22 excluding vat
– Used 8 stud cylinder head with broken fins and broken exhaust stub. Still has valve guides fitted. Also one

Cylinder barrel, 8 stud std size bores rusty – broken fin used

Part No: 70-3332/STDU
£185.92 excluding vat
– Triumph Cylinder block ( E3332 ) With out oil hole, 8 fins – bottom fin broken, and 8 stud.

Cylinder barrel T20, Oval type (used) +40 oversize broken fin

Part No: 70-3385/40U
£50.00 excluding vat
– Oval type cylinder, 0.040+ oversize with broken fins with rust

Triumph T100 5TA, 1959/74 std bore

Part No: 70-4000U
£135.68 excluding vat
– One small fin broken off. Standard bore.

Exhaust camshaft – used

Part No: 70-4023U
£30.15 excluding vat

Oil pump plug, used

Part No: 70-4212U
£3.79 excluding vat

Triumph, cylinder 1950/72, used

Part No: 70-4546U
£185.92 excluding vat
– No broken fins. Standard bore. 1950/72.

Camshaft, standard, used

Part No: 70-4869U
£30.15 excluding vat

BARREL 650, 9 STUD, + 80 – used – bore scored

Part No: 70-6304/80U
£175.88 excluding vat
– Triumph barrel 650, 1966-72, Used and currently on +0.80″ oversize. There is a score in one of the bores

Tappet cover – used

Part No: 70-8952U
£8.44 excluding vat

Camshaft, used

Part No: 71-3011U
£30.15 excluding vat

Rocker cover (used)

Part No: 71-3671U
£5.02 excluding vat

Cylinder barrel, 10 stud, +60″ used with pistons

Part No: 71-4005/60U
£195.98 excluding vat
– Cylinder barrel, 10 stud, with oil hole +60, used with pistons, rings and pins, 1974-80

Cylinder barrel, 10 stud, with oil hole +40, used

Part No: 71-4005U
£195.98 excluding vat
– Cylinder barrel, 10 stud, with oil hole +40, used, 1974-80. TWO available currently.

Tank grid – used

Part No: 82-2933U
£16.03 excluding vat

Swingarm – Used (rusty)

Part No: 82-4070u
£45.22 excluding vat

Seat bracket

Part No: 82-4261U
£4.02 excluding vat

Swinging arm, used

Part No: 82-5302U
£48.24 excluding vat

Oil tank 1969, used

Part No: 82-8452U
£44.22 excluding vat

Brake pedal, used

Part No: 82-9031U
£22.11 excluding vat

Mudguard bracket, triangular, 1969-70, Used (Paint peeling off

Part No: 82-9772U
£7.31 excluding vat
– Usually 2 per machine, but we only have one available!

Crankcase shield (Rusty)

Part No: 83-0040U
£15.08 excluding vat

Prop stand leg, used

Part No: 83-1560U
£19.90 excluding vat

Brake pedal, used

Part No: 83-2040U
£22.11 excluding vat

Side panel, left, used

Part No: 83-2502U
£16.58 excluding vat