Rear Mudguard

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Our mudguards follow the shape of the originals almost exactly, even down to having the correct width of centre rib, which varied over the years. They are ready to bolt straight on, having all the right brackets and most of the holes, just needing a coat of paint to finish them off but do a trial fit before painting as some minor adjustment ma be required. The de-Luxe models usually had a valenced mudguard (including the Square Four up to 1953).

We try to keep the more popular mudguards in stock but as demand is high and there is only one man bashing bits of tin in his shed there may be a long wait, especially for some of the less common mudguards. Virtually all mudguards from 1926-58 are available, which is more than can be said for many more popular makes.

Brief history

Pre 1935. In the early 1930’s, Ariels offered various rear mudguards including ‘C’ section sports and specials for use with Q.D. wheels. Please enquire about any not listed.

1935-49 Half round loop stays incorporating a lifting handle were used; the rear section was hinged to aid removal of the rear wheel.

1950 Round bar loop stays with hinged rear section, otherwise as 1935-49.

1951-53 Plunger and Rigid. 1 piece mudguard that pivoted on the bolts through the saddle spring lugs with an ‘L’ shape stay on each side and a separate lifting handle. When the dual seat was added in 1953, it meant that the seat had to be removed before the mudguard could be raised.

1954-58 Plunger and Rigid. 2-piece mudguard with a detachable rear section was introduced which overcame the seat removing design problem, otherwise as 1951-53.

1954-58 Swinging arm 2-piece mudguard with detachable rear section and no loose stays. Initially the 1954 version included a depression for a reflector but this was soon dropped; the last part of the centre rib was flattened instead.

Competition Models and Blanks

Plunger Frames 1939-50

Plunger Frames 1951-58

Rigid Frames 1951-55

Rigid Frames Prior to 1951

Swinging Arm 1954-58