Overseas Shipping & Delivery Stats

We know that exchange rates are a bit pants at the moment, and import duty (and customs delays) are always an issue, so we wanted to tell you how we’re doing our bit to help you get your motorbike bits quickly and economically. We’ve also compiled some international Draganfacts (did you know we have customers in 89 countries?!) so grab a tinnie, brewski or a lovely cuppa and read on. Any questions, or suggestions! let us know­­

We shipped over 6000 packages outside the UK in the last 12 months And 8% of those orders went with free shipping as they were placed online and qualified for discounted postage.
Draganfly Delivers – Our standard delivery service is airmail (but we’re happy to use whichever service you prefer)We use a courier broker to get the most economical company that day, and we don’t add on any extra, (just insurance!)Speaking of insurance ALL despatches are fully insured, so if the worst happens, you’re covered. We created special customs stickers, in four languages, to help ease your order through customs

And Across the Pond…. Over in the US, we have customers in EVERY state! From tropical Hawaii to northern Alaska

Draganfly Down Under In Australia, Melbourne has the most Draganfly customers, closely followed by Sydney and Brisbane (and our Lauren has visited all three!)